Sexy Shrimp – Thor amboinensis

The Sexy Shrimp, also known as Squat Shrimp, is a species in the order of Decapoda and thus belongs to the subphylum of the Crustacea.

Sexy Shrimp - Thor amboinensis crustacea species diving canary islands atlantic ocean canaries
Sexy Shrimp – Thor amboinensis


Thor amboinensis has an orange, elongated body with white spots whose edges are blue. The spots appear to be symmetrical in the longitudinal axis. It reaches a maximum size of 2,5cm

Habitat and Distribution

The Sexy Shrimps lives on dark, rocky grounds. When diving in the Canaries you can observe it frequently. In addition, its distribution area spreads across the tropical and subtropical zones of the Eastern Atlantic and the Central and West Pacific.


They are called ‘Sexy Shrimp’ because they can bobble and quickly wiggle with their hindquarters.
Thor amboinensis feeds on Plankton.
They are often found near Club Tipped Anemones. They usually occur in pairs or in groups.
In research, it has been found that the larvae of the Sexy Shrimp accept different types of anemones as hosts. Young shrimps, however, preferred the anemone species from which the parents were collected.

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