Mechanical Shrimp – Cinetorhynchus rigens

The Mechanical Shrimp is a species in the order of the Decapoda and thus belongs to the subphylum of the Crustacea.

Mechanical Shrimp - Cinetorhynchus rigens crustacea species diving canary islands atlantic ocean canaries
Mechanical Shrimp – Cinetorhynchus rigens


Cinetorhynchus rigens has a enlongated body. Their colouration is milky white with red patterns all over their body. The eyes are black with a pink pupil. It reaches a maximum size of 10cm.

Habitat and Distribution

The Mechanical Shrimp lives on dark rocky ground, in holes, caves or crevices in depths down to 30m. When diving in the Canaries you can observe them very often. In addition, its distribution area spreads in the western Atlantic from Canada along the US coast, the Caribbean, all the way to Brazil. In the eastern Atlantic you can find them around the Azores and Madeira. They are also found in the Philippines.


Cinetorhynchus rigens is nocturnal and during the day one can find it only in caves or deeply hidden in columns and holes. Their diet consists of detritus, plants, zooplankton and small invertebrates.
They fluoresce.

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