Marbled Electric Ray – Torpedo marmorata

The Marbled Electric Ray, also known as Spotted Torpedo, Marbled Torpedo or Torpedo Ray, is a species in the family of the Torpedinidae and thus belongs to the subclass of the Elasmobranchii.

Marbled Electric Ray - Torpedo marmorata Elasmobranchii rays and sharks diving canary islands atlantic ocean canaries
Marbled Electric Ray – Torpedo marmorata


Torpedo marmorata has a round body with a thin tail. Its colour is light brown with dark spots. They reach a maximum size of 100cm in length.

Habitat and Distribution

The Marbled Electric Ray preferably lives close to the coast, on sandy ground down to a depth of 400m, but you can also find it on rocky ground sometimes. When diving in the Canaries it is frequently observed, especially in the winter months.
Its distribution area also extends in the eastern Atlantic from the British Isles to South Africa and it is also very common in the Mediterranean Sea.


Torpedo marmorata lives solitaire and feeds on small fish and crustaceans. It can emit an electrical voltage of up to 220V to stun its prey.
During the day they are mostly buried in the sand completly, while they go hunting at night.
Marbled Electric Ray have a gestation period of 9-12 months. They give birth to 5-32 pups. Their electrical organs develop already when they weigh about 1g and are ready for use even before birth.

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