Leopard Eel – Myrichthys pardalis

The Leopard Eel, also known as the Leopard Snake Eel, is part of the family of the Snake Eels (Ophichthidae) and thus belongs to the order of the Anguilliformes. For the first time, Myrichthys pardalis was described by Achille Valenciennes in 1839.

Leopard Eel Myrichthys pardalis image species anguilliformes eel scuba diving canary islands
Leopard Eel – Myrichthys pardalis


The body of the Leopard Eel is really long, like a snake. It has a beige colouration with dark brown to black spots. In the middle of these spots, there is usually a golden dot. Its eyes are small and black and there is almost no fin visible. Its maximum length is about 65cm.

Habitat and Distribution

The natural habitat of the Leopard Snake Eel is sandy areas or caves to a depth of 10 meters. While diving in the Canaries I have not met him yet. In addition to the Canary Islands, it is also located on Cape Verde, on the west coast of Africa and São Tomé.


Myrichthys pardalis feeds, among other things, on invertebrates, crustaceans and small fish.

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