Leathery Doris – Platydoris argo

The Leathery Doris is a species in the family of the Discodorididae and thus belongs to the class of the Gastropoda. It was first described in 1767 by Carolus Linnaeus.

Leathery Doris - Platydoris argo Gastropoda diving canary islands atlantic ocean canaries species
Leathery Doris – Platydoris argo


Platydoris argo has a oval-shaped body that is orange coloured with irregular white spots all over it. The gills are placed at the back end of the nudibranch and are clearly visible due their brownish colour.

It reaches a maximum size of 12cm in length.

Habitat and Distribution

The Leathery Doris lives on rocky ground, down to a depth of 40m. When diving in the Canaries you can only rarely observe it. In addition, its distribution area extends across the Mediterranean Sea and the eastern Atlantic from France to the Canary Islands.


Platydoris argo feeds on sponges. It is nocturnal and fluoresce.

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