Dive Site Wreck of the Rabat

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The wreck of the Rabat lies off the island capital of Lanzarote. You dive down the anchor rope and start the dive at the stern of the wreck, because here is the deepest point. Due to the fact that the Rabat is only 25m long, you can take your time to explore the ship. Nevertheless, one should always keep an eye on the computer because one is usually at a depth of more than 20m. It is also worth taking a look at the surrounding sandy areas and into the blue, because something larger swims by from time to time.

Otherwise, it’s diligently searching for life. One should have a lamp here in any case, in order to be able to examine the ship sufficiently.

Depth: 18-32m

Level of experience: beginner – advanced

Entry: Boat

Current: every now and then