Dive Site Puerto del Carmen

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For good reason, Puerto del Carmen has a high concentration of dive centres. Several dives are possible via two different entrances. Playa Chica is also ideal for introductory diving and scuba diving courses. The diversity of living beings is impressive. There are lots of species such as Dusky Groupers, rays, Angel Sharks, lots of small fish and some predators that are quiet loyal to the dive site.

Depth: 0-40m+

Experience: beginner to advanced

Access: sandy beach, concrete stairs

Current: rare

La Cathedral – The Cathedral

From Playa Chica it takes less than 10 minutes to reach a steep wall that drops from 15m to 40m. The highlight is a small cave at the entrance of which there is usually a large grouper. After exploring the cathedral there are several ways to continue diving. Depending on air consumption and experience, the tour continues along steep walls and then back to the entry point via sandy areas. You can dive down to 40m depth, but you don’t have to.

Cueva de las Gambas

After the entrance via the concrete stairs it goes strictly outside over a large sand surface. One reaches a steep wall at which one drops to about 40m. The time to take a look into the shrimp cave is accordingly short. In the cave itself there are huge amounts of Mechanical Shrimps, known in Spanish as gambas.

Blue Hole

We also take this dive via the concrete stairs. The dive starts over sand at 10m depth. We pass a field of Brown Garden Eels until we finally discover a hole in the sand at 22m, the Blue Hole. We dive vertically into it, then it bends horizontally and a view opens up into the deep blue of the Atlantic Ocean. Now you can choose the way to the left or right. Both lead along lava walls back to the sand surface.