Dive Site Flamingo Wall

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The dive site at the beach of Flamingo is one of my absolute favourite places on Lanzarote. You can comfortably prepare yourself in the pedestrian zone and then enter the sea via a sandy beach. First you swim out a little bit. The beach is protected by two wave breakers. Once you have reached the opening between the two, you can dive down.

Along the wave breakers that give Flamingo Wall its name, there are extremely many fish. Big shoals of Bastard Grunts, Marbled Seabreams and Salema swim around here. In addition, one often sees Barracudas and Trumpet Fish, although the latter are rarely found on Lanzarote.

Off the Flamingo Wall there are only small reef structures in a large sandy area. Here you have a good chance to meet rays, Angel Sharks and Common Cuttlefish.

The spot is especially impressive towards the end of November, beginning of December, because Salema will gather here. There are more and more day by day, until you disappear in the darkness when you dive into the school.

Depth: 4-20m

Experience: beginner

Access: sandy beach or boat

Current: every now and then. If there is a current, one should rather stay close to the wave breaker. Also then a dive is worthwhile, because all the fish seeks the protection near the Flamingo Wall.