Dive Site Charco del Palo

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The Charco del Palo dive site is named after the neighbouring village and is located right next to Mala. Preparations for the dive take place in a parking lot. From there we take a gravel path to the shore, where we drop into the sea via two ladders. This is sometimes difficult due to rough seas. In any case, it is advisable to store all necessary things safely in order to have both hands free!

After the dive you can either keep left or right and also dive to different depths. Charco del Palo is therefore a place for beginners as well as advanced scuba divers.

In the range to 20m depth we find only rock structures. A little lower then come sand surfaces, which are interrupted again and again by lava tongues. There are also some caves, overhangs and arches.

You should look for moray eels, anemones and crustaceans in the rocks, while Angel Sharks and rays often hide in the sand.

Depth: 0-40m+

Experience: beginner – advanced

Entry: Ladder

Current: rare, but more often strong swell.

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