Dive Site Barranco del Quiquere

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The entrance to the Barranco del Quiquere dive site is just west of Puerto del Carmen. At a ruin we prepare for the dive. Down some stairs and rocks it goes to the entry point. In some cases, a little surefootedness is required here.

At the coast there are still structures of lava rocks, which become less with increasing distance to the shore. Three wooden wrecks are scattered in a large area of sand. At the dive site there are mainly inhabitants of the sand surface to see. However, you can also browse through the wrecks or what’s left of them and discover many species. If you want to explore all three wrecks you have to move quickly or have a very good air consumption. If the place is reached by boat, this is of course an advantage, since one saves the distance from the shore. You might as well swim a bit, but who likes to do that?

You should always keep an eye on your computer here, because all wrecks are at a depth of more than 20m and you will quickly reach the no decompression limit. Nitrox would be a good thing to use here, too. At the end of the dive it is worthwhile to make a safety stop along the rocky coast to rummage a little in holes and crevices.

The kind of ships we find here are hardly produced these days. Originally they were produced in the Bay of Biscay and then transferred to Lanzarote for fishing. Unfortunately, they are already in a rather bad condition and will not be able to serve as a wreck dive site for ever.

Depth: 0-30m

Level of experience: Advanced

boarding: land or boat

Current: rare