Museums on Lanzarote

Museo de Historia de Arrecife museums lanzarote museum history
Among many other sights there are also some museums on Lanzarote. For example, there is the house of Cesar Manrique, who is omnipresent on the island. But also a museum about piracy, agriculture, art, aloe vera etc. In any case enough to enjoy some culture and education during a holiday! In addition, you can refresh your language skills, as some museums only inform in Spanish and/or English.

Museum of Piracy

Museo de la pirateria museums lanzarote museum piracyThe Museum of Piracy is located in a castle not far from Teguise. Most of it is kept child-friendly, but still offers a lot of information about the history of Lanzarote. In addition, the view over the island is magnificent. The only drawback is that all information is only available in English and Spanish. Language skills are therefore a basic requirement for a visit.

Museum of the History

Museo de la historia museum lanzarote museums history arrecifeThe Museum of History is also located in a small castle, but on the coast of the capital Arrecife. Again, all information is presented in Spanish only. But it’s also worth taking a look inside, because you get to see a lot. From ceramics to clothing, military history, various lava stones to flora and fauna, you will find it here. There is also a section on marine life forms. In addition to pictures, many relics are also exhibited.

Museo Agricola El Patio

Museo agricola el patio farm museum museums lanzarote farmer agricultureThis is the Museum of Agriculture. It is located in one of the oldest country houses of Lanzarote. Besides old furniture and equipment there are many animals and a tasting of wine and goat’s cheese. It should certainly inspire to buy, which you can do if it tastes good.

Casa Museo de Cesar Manrique

A tour through the house of the man who influenced Lanzarote like no other. From the ruins of an old finca, Cesar Manrique has created his own little empire here. There are personal possessions and many finds to see to which the artist assigned a function. You can also take a look at his workshop. The museum is located in Haria and is well signposted.

Wine Museum – Bodega el Grifo

Museo del Vino el grifo wine museum lanzarote museumsTo be honest, I am not a big wine fan but a lover of grape juice! The El Grifo wine cellar is the oldest winery in the Canary Islands. It was founded as early as 1775. Here you can admire traditional tools and see the cultivation techniques outdoors. There will also be a tasting of five wines including cheese.

Museo al Campesino

Museo al Campesino museum lanzarote museums agriculture cultureThe Museo al Campesino is a kind of museum of local history. It is right next to the Monumento al Campesino. The museum exhibits pottery, baskets, grinding tools, etc. You can also take part in handicraft activities. For example, you can make pottery, weave baskets or make your own moss.

International Museum of Contemporary Art

The Castillo de San Jose is the museum of contemporary art. The works of art can be admired both inside and outside the castle. Besides the art on display, the castillo itself is also worth seeing. It is located in the island capital Arrecife.