Hiking on La Palma

hiking la palma roque de los muchachos canary islands

Hiking on La Palma is very popular. Hardly any tourist lands here without doing at least one hike. This is no wonder, as La Palma offers the best conditions to explore nature in quiet

More than 1000km of EU-standard hiking trails

A good reason for hiking on La Palma are the countless well signed trails. At each intersection is a mark in which direction it goes and crossed signs show the wrong ways. Who is at least equipped with a hiking map (picture right) can not do anything wrong. A simple hiking map is available free of charge in the tourist office. Normally, all paths are easily accessible and maintained. Climbing is only necessary in a few places. Nevertheless, there are some harder paths, because sometimes you have to overcome many altitudes to reach the goal.

More information about individual hiking trails can be found at the following links:


La Palma on your own or rather a hiking guide?

In the end, everyone has to decide for themselves. A guide will of course know the routes by heart, can provide information on flora, fauna and points of interest and is also prepared for emergencies. However, you have to adapt to the tempo of the group, which does not appeal to everyone.

On your own you can go your own pace, make breaks when you want and is not bound by time. The providers of guided hikes usually have a fixed weekly schedule.

There are quite hikes as a guided tour is especially worthwhile. The springs of Marcos y Cordero, e.g. can only be reached with a 4×4 vehicle or a very long walk. There are also routes where you can not get back at the starting point. There you depend also on taxi, bus or guide. Natour also offers a pure transfer service.

Here are some links to guides on La Palma:


What to consider when hiking in La Palma?

Solid footwear is mandatory. Many paths are stony. Although you can always see prints of high heeled shoes, it is little recommended.

In addition, you should have clothes to cover. Even with 20°C at sea level, snow can be found on the Roque de los Muchachos. For every 100m in height it is about one degree colder!

Waterproof clothing is sometimes advised, although some paths may not be allowed on rainy days. You should then inquire before the go again at the tourist information.

If you go hiking on your own, you should definitely let someone know where you want to go and when you are back. In some places there is no service for mobile phones and in case of emergency you know that at least someone is looking for one.