Dive Site Puerto Naos

Puerto Naos La Palma diving canary islands beach entryIn the village of the sun worshippers it is good diving. The Equipment is assembled 30m away from the beach and the car parked a bit up the slope. The biggest advantage is the good infrastructure. Ice cream between the dives or the refreshing deco beer after the last dive can be enjoyed in different bars only 5m away. To a real toilet it is only 50m.

Playa Chica

Over gravel, sand and lava rocks, it goes straight to an edge which can be dived, depending on the experience, at different depths to the north. A sandslide with good chances on rays marks the turning point. Through a labyrinth of lava rocks it goes back to the entrance.

Depth: 0-40m +

Experience: beginner

Entry: beach

Current: rare

Old Morays

Puerto naos dive site canarian starfish sea star diving canary islands Narcissia CanariensisAs with the Playa Chica, it goes strictly outside. Instead of going north, it is now south as soon as the edge is reached. This quickly dissolves into sand and leads us in a curve towards the beach. On the way back you are usually greeted by a group of Grey Triggerfish. In a rock are several old, wrinkled moray eels. You might think it is the elders of the island.

Depth: 15m +

Experience: Beginner

Entry: beach

Current: rare

Arena Blanca

Smoothly diving over flat surfaced rocks to the north, you reach a big sandy area, which, like an avalanche, runs into great depths and is interrupted by lava rocks. There are small reefs of Black Corals and Red Gorgonians. The dive is finished threw the shallow part of Playa Chica.

Depth: 5-40m +

Experience: Advanced

Entry: beach

Current: rare