Dive Site Las Cabras

In 1971, I was not born yes, the earth quaked and the volcano Teneguia created a new piece of land on La Palma. Las Cabras, a small beach, a few bushes, otherwise almost like on the moon. But as soon as you put your head under water, there is hardly a bare rock. With its numerous holes and columns you can dive here several times and will always find something new.

The Abyss

Las Cabras dive site La Palma diving canary islands atlantic Scyllarides latus - Mediterranean Slipper LobsterIt takes only 10 minutes to reach a steep wall. A lava tongue leads you out very far and is overgrown with black corals at 25m already.

Depth: 0-40m +

Experience level: beginner to advanced

Entry: Beach, at low tide there are many larger stones in the way

Current: strong at full moon or new moon

The Archway

In principle, you do the same dive as “The Abyss”, but you stay shallower, exploring other holes. On the way back, you will pass through a small archway that hosts some morays and anemones. I have done two very similar dives here quite often and it has always paid off.

Depth: 0-20m

Experience: Beginner

Entry: Beach, at low tide are many larger stones in the way

Current: strong at new and full moon