Dive Site La Bombilla

Unload the car, build the equipment, change, buckle on and walk 10m. One of the shortest ways to the water is to be found in La Bombilla. A small fishing village, largely illegally built, on a piece of land that was not there until 1949, before a volcanic eruption. Cute little houses adorn the roadside or rather the gravel road.

The Lava Tongues

La Bombilla La Palma diving canary islands entry dive siteFirst we pass a sandy ground, then we dive through a labyrinth of lava rocks until we reach a sloping wall. Along this, there are several frozen lava tongues that draw into the deep. One can see, among other things, Black Corals, Red Gorgonians, large cylinder roses, sometimes rays and Cuttlefishes.

Depth: 0-40m +

Experience: Beginner

Enrry: Concrete bridge with ladder

Current: rare

Los Arcos

La Bombilla La Palma diving canary islands dive site whole villageTo the south-west, we also cross the sandy ground. After 10 minutes you will find several archways directly behind each other. A sand-filled canyon leads us through the labyrinth of lava, back to the sandy place. Sometimes you see rays and often Burrfish, anemones and cuttlefishes.

Depth: 0-12m

Dive time: at least 45 minutes

Experience: Beginner

Entry: Concrete bridge with ladder

Current: rare