Dive Site La Bahita & El Freile

La Palma diving la bahita el freile canary islands atlantic entry ladder“Whhhhuuuuuuusch” it buzzes in our ears. Just a few meters above our heads a tourist transporter passes by. When diving in La Bahita you usually have this pleasure several times. The small fishermen village is close to the airport and is one of my personal favourite dive sites on La Palma. Underwater, you fortunately can not hear anything of the noise.

For beginners as well as for advanced a great dive site and especially at night an absolute highlight. Only 200m further is El Freile, similar beautiful but rather suitable for experienced depth junkies. You can also make a definitely worthwhile one-way dive, but you have to walk the way between the entrances with the scuba gear.

The Moray Reef

Reefs of lava lead us once in a square course. Those who have enough air can make small detours on other reefs. As the name suggests, there are many morays eels of different species. In addition, there are good opportunities for rays, cleaner shrimps and garden eels.

Depth: maximum 25m

Experience: Beginner

Entry: ladder, fishing boat entrance or large step in case of flood

Current: rare, when weak to strong around new and full moon

El Freile

An obliquely sloping wall leads us quickly into great depths. The flat area is small and less interesting. A diversified lava tongue brings us back to the shore. In addition to rays, garden eels and various crustaceans, one can also see black corals and morays.

Depth: 40m +

Dive time: at least 45 minutes

Experience: Advanced

Entry: Large step or ladder

Flow: rare, when strong around new and full moon