Dive Site Charco Verde

Charco Verde la Palma beach entryA dive for Lazy. The archways of Charco Verde are only 30m apart from each other. After descending, you can take a short detour along a sloping wall. In the flat area there are then three archways up to a maximum depth of 16 m. The first, nicely illuminated by a roof window, stands at a 90 degree angle to the second, which is also the largest. After exploring the two archways, you will emerge in the direction of the open side of the second archway to find the third one. Charco Verde La Palma diving canary islands cantabric nudibranch dive siteThere are numerous overhangs, columns and holes around and in the archways to explore. Varied dives are guaranteed. The dive is completed above the roof of the largest archway, which is at 5m. In order to reach the boat again, you dive into the deep blue of the Atlantic during the safety stop.

In addition to crustaceans, snails and Trumpetfish, you can observe rays, Burrfish, groupers and sometimes the Barred Hogfish.

Depth: at least 15m

Dive time: at least 45 minutes

Experience: Beginner


  • boat
  • Beach, but a long walk and a long swim

Current: often, mostly strong at full moon or new moon