Scuba Diving on La Palma

La Palma diving canary islands holidays atlantic ocean canaries grey triggerfishIn contrast to the other Canary Islands, the scuba diving on La Palma takes place almost exclusively from land. Nevertheless boat trips can be organized on request. There are more than 10 entry points and at each of them at least two different dives can be done. Apart from a great diversity of species, La Palma has an amazing landscape to offer. Bizarre rock formations of lava, numerous archways, caves, overhangs and canyons characterize the view. Due to the topography, you can go quiet deep in many places reaching the limit of sport diving very quickly. The only thing La Palma is missing is a wreck. However, an underwater park with scrap metal and other attractions in front of the capital Santa Cruz is planned. However, one will have to wait a while longer with the palmeran speed of construction measures.

Dive Sites

Basically, the entry for most dives is via black sand beaches or ladders. Since you sometimes walk over lava rocks, you should use shoes with a solid sole.

The majority of the diving spots are located in the south east and west coast. Although there are also entrances further north, these are rarely approached because of the usually bad conditions.

The highlights, which one should have seen in my opinion are La Bahita, Malpique and Las Cabras. Charco Verde is also worth mentioning, if you like boat trips.



Snorkeling on La Palma

Anyone who wants to explore the underwater world without the heavy diving equipment can do so on La Palma in many places. Los Cancajos is by its protective bay very suitable for beginners and if you like to go further down just swim behind the wave-breaker. In addition, I can recommend the nature reserve in the south. It begins at the beach of Punta Larga and extends to El Remo, just before Puerto Naos.