La Palma – La Isla Bonita

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Moon-like landscape in the south, mild weather in the east, sun worshippers in the west and pure nature in the north. One goes around a curve and storm becomes windless, rain becomes sunshine or bald rocks turn into rain forest. “La Isla Bonita”, as it is called by the locals, is one of the most diverse islands of the Canaries and has something for everyone. La Palma is known as an island of nature lovers and hikers. Most tourists appreciate the peace and quiet. Just 1% of all holidaymakers coming to the Canary Islands annually end up here. There are only a few big hotels, lonely secluded beaches and plenty to explore. Volcanoes, museums, several viewpoints, salt marshes, whales and dolphins or just a swim round the Atlantic. La Palma is definitely a destination for Actives and nature lovers.

Diving on La Palma

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Here you will find information about the dive sites and the general conditions for diving on La Palma. My favourite dive sites are Lalas s Cabras and La Bahita. In addition, the underwater memorial on the beach of Malpique (pictured right) is a must in every logbook.

Diving on La Palma


Hiking on La Palma

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UNESCO biosphere reserve, over 1000km of EU-standardized hiking trails and breathtaking landscapes are ideal conditions for hiking. Here you can see what there is to see, where you should go and what to observe. I also introduce official guides.

Hiking on La Palma


Activities and Points of Interest

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Not everyone wants to dive every day, or among you are even non-divers? No problem! There are many great things you can do in a La Palma holiday without going underwater. From whale watching to paragliding, mountain biking and star observation. Here you can find the right activity and points of interest.

Activities and PoI