Fuerteventura – The island of Eternal Beaches

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Fuerteventura, which means strong winds, is the top destination for beach tourists. Both in terms of number and length, they are probably unique in the Canary Islands. Because of its proximity to the African mainland, it is particularly affected by Calima winds, which bring a lot of sand with them.

At over 20 million years of age, it is the oldest of the Canary Islands and used to form one island with Lanzarote and Los Lobos. In addition, 2 million tourists come here every year to spend their holidays, making it one of the most popular holiday destinations in the Canary Islands.

Except of the endless beaches of Fuerteventura, it is a great diving destination, offering numerous attractions, activities, museums and natural spectacles. So there’s something to see and to do for everyone. Be it a family, active, single or couple holiday.

Scuba Diving in Fuerteventura

Scuba Diving Fuerteventura Dive sites spots dive centres canary islands canaries holidays nudibranchThe oldest of the Canary Islands offers many dive sites and dive centres to choose from. The pleasure takes place mainly in the east and south of Fuerteventura, since in the west mostly rough sea prevails. There are many species in the snow-white sand and black lava reefs.

Diving in Fuerteventura

Sights & Points of Interest on Fuerteventura

Fuerteventura Sights Points of Interest holidays sceleton whaleFrom the turtle station to the caves of Ajuy and the Faro de el Toston, there is plenty to explore. There are not only natural sights, but also man-made objects that are worth a look. There are also numerous viewpoints from which you have a wonderful view over the island. The one or other day trip is without question worthwhile to get to know the island better.

Sights of Fuerteventura

Museums on Fuerteventura

Museum museums Fuerteventura sights cheeseEducation and culture can also be enjoyed on the volcanic island. In addition to historical sites, there are museums on traditional cheese production, archaeology, agriculture and salt production. If you are interested in the culture and history of Fuerteventura, you will find the right excursion destinations here.

Museums in Fuerteventura

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