Night dive in the harbour

El Hierro scuba diving night dive harbour common cuttlefish sepia officinalis
Diving in the harbour basin…. Mmhhhh… That sounds very unspectacular in the first moment. In the harbour of La Restinga diving is anything but unspectacular. At night crabs and shrimps come out of their hiding places, anemones rise, rays rummage through the sand in search of something edible and the turtle sleeps in its cave.

People who love night dives and also those who are not big fans should not miss this sensation. As a lover of night dives, I had to dive the harbour basin twice. Thereby I discovered several species that I have never seen before on the Canary Islands.

The dive usually starts at the boat ramp. It runs along the shore, following a small sloping rock thats bordering a sandy area. When air consumption marks the reversal point, we are zigzagging back to the entry point. Here you pass a wave breaker of enormous blocks. Thus one has covered many habitats of the nocturnal animals.

El Hierro scuba diving night dive harbour flatworm

On the rock you can see different anthozoa, shrimps, snails and sea cucumbers and in the sand there are hunting sepias, Bandtooth Conger and rays. There is also a huge colony of the Canarian Sea Mat. However, this is to be enjoyed with a little caution, as it is poisonous. Near the entrance there is a small cave, often used by a turtle as a sleeping place. Now, what else do you want?

As a result, I can only recommend everyone to take the possibility to explore the harbour of La Restinga during a night dive.

Depth: 0-12m

Experience: Beginner

Entry: Boat ramp

Current: never, as the harbour is completely protected by wave breakers.

El Hierro scuba diving night dive harbour