Dive Site Tacoron – Big Arch and Natural Pool

Tacoron dive site scuba diving el hierro marina reserve mar de las calmas rocks
Nice lava rock formation with lots of small fish.

The dive site Tacoron is located directly at the Playa Tacoron. To call it a beach is not quite true, as it is more of a natural swimming pool. From the buoy we dive directly along the rocky coast. Passing a long overhang with various sea squirts, anemones and crustaceans, you pass through a large archway and go straight into the natural swimming pool. Here you can find different kinds of moray eels.

When you surface in the natural swimming pool, be careful not to let any guests swim on top of you.

The way back leads over lava cliffs, with small fish everywhere. You can also browse through many gaps and holes for anemones and other small animals.

Tacoron dive site scuba diving el hierre marina reserve mar de las calmas arch
Arch into the natural swimming pool of Tacoron.

Depth: 0-15m

Experience: Beginner

Entry: Boat

Current: rarely, because you dive close to the coast.

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