Dive Site Roque de Bonanza

Roque de la Bonanza El Hierro sights points of interest museum
The Roque de Bonanza is located at the northern end of Las Playas and is one of the more distant dive sites of La Restinga. I didn’t come to divehere because of the weather situation. However, I took the opportunity to snorkel a bit around the rock and was able to discover the typical Atlantic small fish and for example a Scrawled Filefish. There were a lot of Atlantic Trumpet Fish too. Unfortunately the visibility was very poor, but I think a dive at the Roque de Bonanza is worthwhile.

Apart from that, the rock is a popular natural landmark of El Hierro.

Depth: 0-20m

Experience: Beginner

Entry: – boat

– Rocky beach for snorkeling

Currents: rarely, the rock is well protected near the coast. However, there may be strong surf here.

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