Dive Site Punta Restinga – A fantastic Drop off

Punta Restinga scuba diving el hierro dive site spot crack
To tell you right away, Punta Restinga is a amazing dive site and can be placed on a level with El Bajon. The landscape itself already is overwhelming. There is also a lot of fish, also big one and a fantastic wall to browse through the cracks.

The dive takes place near the port of La Restinga. It only takes 2 minutes by boat. At first you hold yourself a bit flat before you dive into a kettle. Here you can find a large anemone that glows orange at its ends. Very respectable! Then you continue through a gap (see photo above). After this one is on a spectacular cliff with partly dead black corals and usually both types of groupers. There are also various moray eels, anemones and several species of sea bream.

punta restinga dive site spot Fangtooth Moray Enchelycore anatina el hierro scuba diving
Fangtooth Moray – Enchelycore anatina

We then return through a rugged lava landscape towards the buoy.

In my eyes Punta Restinga is definitely one of El Hierro’s top spots.

Depth: 0-40m+

Experience: Beginner – Advanced

Entry: Boat

Current: more frequent, and there can be strong surf here as the dive site is unprotected.

Punta Restinga scuba diving el hierro drop off