Dive Site Punta Lajial – Deep Diving on El Hierro

punta lajial scuba diving el hierro dive site spot mar de las calmas marina reserve lobster
After the decent at Punta Lajial you will find an abundant plateau of lava rocks. It is situated at about 10m and this depth you followed an edge to the west. After maybe 10 to 15 minutes, depending on what one discovers, you reach a lava tongue that goes deep down towards the south.

It’s actually quite simple, down on one side, back up on the other. However, there are many crevasses and holes to explore, so you have to take a look at the computer at regular intervals in order to keep an eye on the no decompression limit. Also always take a look into the blue to see if there is some bigger fish passing by.

In addition to black corals, there are various crustaceans, groupers, barred hogfish, Scrawled Filefish and much more. For example, we were lucky to find one of the rare Brown Spiny Lobsters in a crevice. Also moray eels of different species are represented here. Among other things, the less frequent Goldentail Moray.

punta lajial dive site spot el hierro scuba diving moray eel cleaner shrimp

When you have reached the plateau again at 10m, you can dive through lava stones back to the buoy. In case you still have some air, it is worthwhile to take a trip eastwards from Punta Lajial. Here also many cracks in the rock are waiting to be explored. At one point I also had the impression that the water was much warmer. Maybe a hot spring? Who knows? Next time I’ll probably have to examine this in more!

Depth: 0-40m+

Experience: Beginner – Advanced

Entry: Boat

Current: rarely