Dive Site La Herradura

La Herradura dive site spot scuba diving el hierro mar de las calmas Island grouper Mycteroperca fusca
Island Grouper – Mycteroperca fusca

La Herradura is a predominantly rocky dive site. After the decent you are at a rock, about 5m deep. The dive then heads west along a sloping rocky landscape. Depending on your level of experience you can dive down to a depth of 35m. A look into the blue should take place every now and then, because big fish often pass by here.

The reversal point is determined by air consumption. On the way back you will dive through canyons and lava rocks at a depth of about 10m.

The safety stop can be done out on the anchor rock. Here you will find an ancient Brown Moray Eel called Big Mama. In addition, it is often cleaned by a  Scarlet- Striped Cleaner Shrimp.

La Herradura dive site spot scuba diving el hierro mar de las calmas brown moray eel Gymnothorax unicolor canary islands

Among the species that can be observed here are Barred Hogfish, Scrawled Filefish, Islands Groupers and Sea Breams.

Depth: 0-35m

Experience: Beginner – Advanced

Entry: Boat

Current: every now and then, as the place is unprotected in the sea.


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