Dive Site El Salto – Caves and Arches

El Salto dive site spot el hierro scuba diving mar de las calmas cave entrance
The dive site of El Salto is located in the Marine Reserve of El Hierro. It is ideal for getting used to caves and overhangs. The buoy to anchor the boat is very close to the shore. After the decent, it takes only a few minutes to reach the rugged coastline. First you dive through a canyon, which has partly overhangs. Since there is also some sand here, you have a good chance of seeing a hiding a ray somewhere. In addition, there are many different species that like it a little shady.

In the further progression several small caves and small archways come up. In one of these caves you can find, for example, the Leathery Doris, which can usually only be observed at night. In addition, the dive is particularly worthwhile in sunshine, as several windows in the ceilings of the caves create beautiful light effects.

In case of strong water movement, care must be taken. In some cavities a strong suction and increased pressure on the ears occurs. Then it is better to watch the spectacle from the entrance and head back to the spot at calm sea.

El Salto dive site spot el hierro scuba diving mar de las calmas dusky grouper Epinephelus marginatus

After the coastline has been explored, we return via lava fields back towards the buoy. Thereby one crosses another archway. It is about 2m high and 5m deep and wide. A little caution is called for here too, as there are often loose plant remains. Accordingly, fin strokes must be carried out carefully in order not to spoil the view for fellow divers!

You can get an impression of the dive site El Salto on the map.

Depth: 0-15m

Experience: Beginner

Entry: Boat

Currents: rarely, because El Salto is protected by a lava tongue. It can only be that there is strong surf and in this case the caves are not diveable.

El salto dive site spot el hierro scuba diving mar de las calmas duck barnacle lepas anatifera

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