Dive Site El Rincon – The Corner

El Rincon dive site spot el hierro kanaren barred hogfish Bodianus scrofa la restinga
The name ‘El Rincon’, in English ‘The Corner’ is simply derived. The dive site is located directly at the corner of La Restingas harbour. It only takes two minutes by Zodiac to get to the buoy.

After the dive we go along a lava tongue, which extends from the harbour wall into the sea at an angle of 90°. In some parts it is already visible from the surface. Many Trumpet Fish, Island Grouper, Barred Hogfish and schools of various Sea Breams can be found here. There are also several overhangs and crevasses to explore. With a good eye you will find different Anthozoa and Crustaceans, Sea Squirts and more. The things that like to hide in the dark…

After a while the lava tongue makes a left turn. Here is a particularly deep overhang, where you can often find a Dusky Grouper and some surprises.

el Rincon dive site spot scuba diving el hierro la restinga algae rocks

On the way back you can dive back to the buoy in a little distance from the lava tongue, over rocky and sandy ground.

In order to get an impression of the spot, you can find a dive site map here.

Depth: 20m

Experience: Beginner

Entry: Boat

Currents: rarely, because one is protected by the lava tongue from the stream of water. Only at the end of the lava tongue you enter an unprotected area. It is also possible that there may be strong winds. Then you have to be careful with your ears, but you can watch the waves breaking over the rock.