Dive Site El Bajon

El Bajon scuba diving El Hierro Kanarenvulcano crater
El Bajon is El Hierro’s most famous dive site and almost everyone who starts the trip to the smallest of the Canary Islands wants to do a dive on the extinct volcano. There’s a good reason for that. The rock begins at a depth of 5m and falls down to unattainable depth for recreational divers. Although El Bajon is not in the marine reserve, it is close by and this is also reflected in the fish stocks and their size. But even without it, the volcanic crater with its surrounding landscape would be worth seeing.

Groupers, Bermuda Sea Chub, Scrawled Filefish, various mackerels, different kinds of moray eels, Black Corals, Barracudas and much more species are swimming around. Manta rays or a whale shark can also be seen here with big luck, but it is certainly not part of everyday encounters.

El Bajon scuba diving El Hierro black moray eel Muraena augusti
Black Moray Eel – Muraena augusti

At the crater itself there is often a current, which can be very strong. However, one side of the El Bajon is in the current shadow and you can still dive. In addition, larger shoals of fish are formed in the current, which also seek to be protected by the mountain. Unfortunately I didn’t have the luck and so I got to face a rather loose fish soup. But also worth seeing! Every now and then the current is so strong that you can dive, but hanging like a flag on the descent rope, which not every dive center is wanting to do. I would rather change the dive site in this case too.

What should be said at this point. Because everybody wants to dive El Bajon, the dive site is limited to one dive per person! This is to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to explore the spot once.

Depth: 5-100m

Experience: Beginner – advanced, not always suitable for beginners due to the frequent current!

Entry: Boat

Currents: frequent and also quite strong, especially to full and new moon. Who wants to dive in spite of the current should bring some experience. In addition, one side of the volcanic crater is usually in the shadow of the current.

el bajon scuba diving el hierro dusky grouper Epinephelus marginatus
Dusky Grouper – Epinephelus marginatus