Dive Site Cueva Diablo – The Devils Cave

Cueva Diablo entrance el hierro scuba diving
Cueva Diablo is one of the dive sites in the Mar de las Calmas Marine Reserve. The boat is attached to a buoy for entering the sea. Passing rocks and lava bottom it takes about 15 minutes to reach the entrance of the cave. It is large and offers enough space for several divers without getting into trouble. There is also enough space inside the Cueva Diablo for a diving group. It is estimated to be over 100m². You just have to coordinate a little bit when you explore the numerous holes and crevices.

An extensive exploration is worthwhile. Apart from the freestanding cylinder roses, Spotfin Burrfish and Groupers, you can find various crustaceans, many colourful sponges, sea squirts, mussels and anemones. There are also wonderful light effects, as sunrays penetrate through several windows into the cave.

Cueva Diablo purgeonfish Chilomycterus reticulatus el hierro scuba diving dive site
Spotfin Burrfish – Chilomycterus reticulatus

The way to and from the cave is also nice. It is one of the few places where you can find Big Red Scorpionfish. Otherwise you can see a lot of the typical Atlantic fish.

Depth: 0-10m

Experience: Beginner

Diving time: at least 45 minutes, 15 minutes there and back and at least 15 minutes stay in the cave.

Entry: Boat

Currents: never, because the dive site is directly on the coast. It can only seldom happen that there is too much surf in bad weather from the south. Then you can’t dive here because it’s too shallow and you get too much pressure on your ears.

Cueva Diablo red scorpionfish scorpaena scrofa el hierro scuba diving
Red Scorpionfish – Scorpaena scrofa