The El Hierro Passport

El Hierro Passport sights points of interest museum centro de interpretacion
The El Hierro passport takes you to a number of museums and points of interest. It is a simple piece of folded paper in which all the places visited are stamped. Those who really want to see every museum and every sight can save money here. The El Hierro passport costs 17,95€. In addition, you can also use the paper repeatedly in the various sights. It has no expiration date and can be used over several holidays.

The price of the El Hierro passport includes admission to the following museums and attractions:

  • Ecomuseo Guinea, Lagartario and Tubo Vulcanico
  • Casa de las Quinteras – Centro Etnografico
  • El Julan – Parque Cultural
  • Centro de Interpretacion Vulcanologico
  • Centro de Interpretacion Geologica
  • El Garoe – El Arbol Santo
  • Centro de Interpretacion de la Reserva de la Biosfera

You can also pick up another stamp at the Mirador de la Pena. However, you don’t have to pay an entrance fee anyway. It is a restaurant with a great view over the El Golfo valley. It was designed by the Spanish artist Cesar Manrique and is priced somewhat higher. Nevertheless, it is worth drinking a cup of coffee to let the view work for a while.