Beaches on El Hierro – Swimming, Bathing, Snorkeling

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Due to the fact that El Hierro has only few and short beaches, the island is not suitable for mass tourism. For anyone who wants to enjoy nature and silence, this fact is a blessing. Anyway there are some bathing facilities on the smallest Canary Island. You always have to be aware of current weather conditions in order not to start a long car journey for nothing. In addition, not every bathing place has a lifeguard.

Puerto de la Estaca

The first beach is already visible on arrival with the ferry. As soon as the harbour area ends, the sandy beach begins. Sufficient parking space is available. In addition, you can almost always swim here, as the pier protects you from big waves.

Bahia de Timijiraque

The next beach is only five minutes away by car, not far from Puerto de la Estaca. In the small village of Timijiraque there is a small bay with a sandy beach. Showers and picnic areas are also available.

Las Playas

Las Playas is the longest beach on the island. A lonely corner can be found here at any time. Unfortunately, the largest part of the beach consists of coarse stones. Only at the southern end there is an approximately 100m long strip of sand. There is also the Roque de la Bonanza. A picturesque rock with two windows.

City beach of La Restinga

La Restinga can now simply be called a city by the circumstances of El Hierro. Swimming is possible here all year round, as the beach is protected by the harbour wall. However, sometimes you will not find what you are looking for here, because most of it disappears underwater when there is high tide.

Cala de Tacoron

Cala de Tacoron is not a beach. There are natural swimming pools with ladders and access to the open sea. There are also picnic and restaurant facilities. Furthermore it is a great place to snorkel, as the bay is located in the marine reserve of El Hierro.

Punta or Embacadero de Orchilla

This is not a beach either. Passing Faro de Orchilla, at the end of HI-503 is a massive concrete bridge with stairs and ladder to the sea. A shady place with chairs and tables is 50m above the jetty. The place is popular among locals for camping. It should also be mentioned that the road from Faro de Orchilla is in a miserable state! So in case of doubt, it’s better to park your car and plan a little walk!

In addition to the above-mentioned places, there are numerous other bathing bays and natural swimming pools. Especially along the coast of the El Golfo Valley. Unfortunately I haven’t had the opportunity to explore them yet, but a visit was recommended by several people!