Crater Sponge – Hemimycale columella

The Crater Sponge is a species in the class of the Demospongiae and thus belongs to the phylum of the Porifera.

Crater Sponge - Hemimycale columella Porifera sponges diving canary islands atlantic ocean canaries species
Crater Sponge – Hemimycale columella


Hemimycale columella has a pale pink or orange colour, rarely it is bright red. Crater-shaped cavities are distributed throughout its surface. It reaches a maximum size of 10cm in height and in 30cm diameter.

Habitat and Distribution

The Crater Sponge lives on a firm ground, down to a depth of 40m. When diving in the Canaries you can observe it very often.

In addition, its distribution area extends from the Arctic via Ireland, the UK, France, Spain, Portugal and the Mediterranean Sea.


Hemimycale columella feeds on plankton, which it filters out of the water.
It is bound to its location. In case of danger, it can retract within 15 seconds.

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