Canarya canariensis or Sarcodictyon canariensis

Canarya canariensis is a species in the subclass of the Octocorallia and thus belongs to the class of the Anthozoa. It was first described in 1992 under the scientific name Sarcodictyon canariensis by Ocaña, Brito & Nunez. There is no common name yet.


Canarya canariensis is milky white. On the upper end of the stem are always eight feathered tentacles. The visible part appears to be connected by a “crust”.

Habitat and Distribution

Canarya canariensis seems to live on sponges, moss animals or dead corals. It is known that they occur in depths down to 130m.

Although they are endemic in the Canary Islands, they are rarely observed during diving.


Canarya canariensis lives in colonies. Their diet consists of plankton.


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