Bogue – Boops boops

The Bogue is a species in the family of Sparidae and thus belongs to the superclass of the bony fish.


Boops boops has a long and laterally, slightly compressed body. The colour is silver with a yellow back and 3 to 5 yellow, horizontal stripes. The eye is large, silvery, and has a black pupil.

It reaches a maximum size of 36cm.

Habitat and Distribution

You can find the Bogue over sandy, muddy or rocky ground, down to depths of 350m.

When diving in the Canaries you can see it very often.

Generally, Boops boops is very common around Europe. Its distribution area extends from Norway, across the British Isles, all the way to Angola. This includes the Azores, Madeira, Cape Verde and São Tomé. It is also found in the Black Sea and the Mediterranean Sea.


It lives in schools, which are usually just below the water surface.

It feeds on sea grass, crustaceans and plankton.

The maximum proved age is seven years.

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