Atlantic Triton Trumpet – Charonia tritonis variegata

The Atlantic Triton Trumpet, also known as the Atlantic Triton, is a species in the familyof the Ranellidae and thus belongs to the class of the Gastropoda.

Atlantic Triton Trumpet - Charonia tritonis variegata Gastropoda diving canary islands atlantic ocean canaries species
Atlantic Triton Trumpet – Charonia tritonis variegata


Charonia tritonis variegata has a long-stretched body with the housing also being elongated, spiral and light with brown spots and patterns. Their sensors are yellow-black striped.

It reaches a maximum size of 30cm in length.

Habitat and Distribution

The Atlantic Triton Trumpet lives on rocky ground, down to a depth of 700m. When diving in the Canaries you can see them from time to time.

In addition, its distribution area extends across the Mediterranean Sea and the eastern and the western Atlantic.


Charonia tritonis variegata feeds mainly on echinoderms, but also mussels and other snails are on its menu. With its acid saliva, it paralyses its prey and softens the limestone skeleton to subsequently erode it.
The Atlantic Triton is no hermaphrodite. It has separated genders. The larvae live pelagic for three months and are thus distributed widely by currents.
It also fluoresce.

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