African Striped Grunt – Parapristipoma octolineatum

The African Striped Grunt is a species in the large clade of Percomorpha and thus belongs to the superclass of the bony fish.

African Striped Grunt - Parapristipoma octolineatum Martin Osteichthyes bony fish diving canary islands species atlantic ocean
African Striped Grunt – Parapristipoma octolineatum
Copyright: Martin Majewski


Parapristipoma octolineatum has an elongated body. Its back is brownish, while the abdomen appears silvery. On each of the sides, it has four white, horizontal stripes, two of which pass through his black eyes. Its fins are yellow, the most intense in the tail fin.

Its maximum length is 30cm.

Habitat and Distribution

The African Striped Grunt lives above rocky or sandy ground,down to a depth of 180m.

When diving in the Canaries you can rarely observe it.

Its distribution area covers the eastern Atlantic from Spain, via Portugal, as far as Angola and the southern and western Mediterranean Sea.


Parapristipoma octolineatum feeds on crustaceans, mussels and snails. In danger, it can emit audible sounds by rubbing their teeth.

It lives solitaire or in small groups, while juveniles are mostly found near the coast.

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